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GillianCards - Wholesale

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  • Minimum Order $50.  Minimum Reorder - $30.00 No minimum order requirements per design.

  • State or Provincial sales tax exemption certificate number required.

  • All orders and shipping costs paid in advance by credit card, E-cheque or Paypal Cash. 

  • All orders are shipped regular post - Air Mail or Expedited.  Rush orders are shipped regular Xpress Post at additional shipping rates.

  • Usual shipping rate is 12.5%.  First orders - Free Shipping.  Orders over $200.00 - free shipping

  • Deliveries are posted 1-3 weeks after payments have cleared.

  • Customer is notified by email of

    • receipt of order and payment

    • payment clearance - in the case of cheque, money order or e-cheque payments.

    • date shipped

  • Your Post Office must be notified immediately in the case of any shipping damages.  Please notify GillianCards as well with the details.

  • Particular design not selling well for you in your location?  Let us know and we will replace returned, unsold cards  with other designs.   May 2006