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CC1) Winter Silver and Blue!

CC2) Quilt Design 

CC3) Tiny Holly Berries on Gold

CC4) Plaid Design   


CC5) Cheery Santa



CC6) Silver/Blue Metallic    


CC7) Holly - Red/Green/Gold Mix



CC8) Hanukkah Crackers- Paper design varies.  (filled with: Toy Dreidl, kosher candy, holiday confetti, hand-dipped Hanukkah candle, tissue paper 'crown', sticker and a snapper)  


And for the furry ones...



CC6) Cat Crackers Contain:  Toy Mouse, Catnip, Feathers, Tissue Paper Crown, Cat Joke, Little surprise.

NOTE:  Out of respect to my furry friends who might be a bit nervous at Christmas with all the holiday cheer, I do not include the noisy snappers in the Cat Crackers.  Thanks for understanding!

CC6) Cat Cracker  




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Old-Fashioned, Hand-Wrapped

Christmas Crackers for 2006! 

(Also: Hanukkah and Cat Crackers)



<< Several years ago I went shopping for Christmas crackers at a better known, quality retail store. Looking over the selection, I found a box with pretty papers and a festive look. After reading the contents of the box, I was horrified to see they included a pen knife! For Christmas, can you believe it?  Looking more closely at other boxes I began to see that for the most part they were empty 'designer' tubes with plastic gizmos and un-festive junk inside, not at all in keeping with the original idea of treats, mottoes, puzzles and little gifts.

I immediately resolved to stop buying mass produced crackers and begin making them myself. I wanted my crackers to be filled with treats like the ones my Mom used to put in the stocking she lay beside my bed each Christmas eve. In it were pieces of fruit, nuts, candy and tiny wrapped surprises. Obviously many people shared my thoughts about how tired and empty the modern day cracker had become. I received mounting requests from people asking me to make my cracker version for their families and friends. After only one year I was already making hundreds of crackers for my Toronto card shop. Continuing to expand the concept every year, I began to create these gentle old fashioned crackers for my feline friends, including in them, toy mice, catnip and tiny party hats!!


I began brainstorming about further developing my cracker line in keeping with the Victorian roots of the tradition when they were a lively source of holiday fun, family entertainment and included the all-important element of surprise. Victorian crackers were an event; an entertainment that people looked forward to with anticipation and that is what I want for my crackers".


Old Fashioned, Hand-Wrapped,

Holiday Crackers

are truly handmade in my own art studio and kitchen.

The 'Treat Tubes' are generously sized- (5 inches long, the whole cracker measuring about 10 - 11 inches in length ) -

Brightly wrapped in double layers of tissue with a printed over-wrap, each cracker contains the following: (If you are ordering several crackers, each will have a different joke and puzzle for added fun and variety!)


Old Fashioned, Hand-Wrapped,

Christmas Holiday Crackers contain:  

  • a delightful crocheted snowflake (about 3.75 inches)

  • Puzzles or conundrums (really fun puzzling entertainment from  'Sam's Puzzle Book.) This year I am including a pencil and eraser in each cracker so you puzzle lovers can get to work while your Christmas dinner is cooking!

  • a joke or funny holiday/winter saying

  • At least three pieces of candy (usually a candy cane and wrapped chocolate but this is yet to be determined)

  • holiday metallic confetti

  • Christmas stickers (Victorian ones, if I can find them in time)

  • A hand-made paper tissue 'crown' cut from richly designed holiday tissues.

  • A little surprise will be added to each cracker.

  • And, as always, a really neat popper snapper!

Lovely for office presents or hostess, teacher or thank you gifts

and, of course, for  the family Christmas Dinner table.  Great also for

little thank yous for store clerks, school crossing guards,

postal workers and librarians, hairdressers and anyone

who needs a special remembering this Christmas. 


$4.50 each wholesale

Shipped with copies of

"The History of the Christmas Cracker"


Did you miss ordering your Christmas Crackers on time this year? Add your name to the CHRISTMAS CRACKER REMINDER list for 2007 to receive a reminder and information about the 2007 edition of Old-Fashioned Crackers.  You can leave your snail mail address too if you also wish a postal reminder. Email for information about crackers for Valentine's Day, Weddings, Birthdays and Father's Day! 


And, don't forget your feline friends...


Cat Crackers

  • Contain toy mouse,

  • feathers,

  • catnip wrapped in a holiday material pouch and tied ribbon,

  • fuzzy balls and

  • kitty joke

  • a really great snapper all wrapped in cheerful papers and bows for kitty.

Great for the family pet or for hostess gifts for other family pets.   $4.50   ORDER


Kitty Testimonial:  "I left the cat crackers out on the coffee table by mistake and the 2 cats (the oldest cat, Minge, pronounced minge eee and the youngest cat, Taz) were up in a flash sniffing away. Last year, our oldest cat, ate the ENTIRE bag of cat nip - fabric and all."  Mara B.  Toronto, Canada




1)  Everyone at the Christmas Dinner table turns to the person to their right.  Each person holds on to one end of the snapper (not the tissue - the snapper only!)  They count to 3 and pull sharply!  The cracker will snap!  Everyone continues in this manner until every cracker has been snapped.  It is then time to open the crackers  laughing all the while and enjoying the little surprises.!  Everyone must don and try to keep on their paper hats!!




We open the crackers by two people pulling the paper plus the popper, and the one who gets the biggest half gets the whole cracker plus contents!  Then the one who loses pulls one with someone else until everyone gets one....

Ed Smith, England


3)  "The crackers are all for grown ups who are still young at heart! Our son and daughter are 30 and 34. We have a tradition of opening gifts, then our crackers. We all continue to wear our paper crowns while we take everything out of our Christmas stockings! Our son's fiancée says she has the most fun at our house on Christmas mornings.

I am so happy I found your web site! Your crackers sound wonderful! My family will be so surprised to find so many things in their crackers!

Thank you for adding to our Christmas joy!! " Donna L. - California


Kind words from GillianCards Customers:


Thank you so much.  They just arrived safely and

look fabulous!  Thanks again so much for your

great service.  I see now why your company is

called the cheerful little card company!

Until next year,


Debbie M. - Minnesota




They're here!!!  The mailman brought them about 30 minutes

ago!  I'm so excited!  I'm so glad you tied the ribbon in

knots, otherwise I would be too tempted to peek at the

contents!!   It will be difficult but I'll wait and be surprised

with the family on Christmas morning


Just think of all the extra fun and laughter there will be on

Christmas, thanks to you and the crackers you created!  I

am one among many who appreciate all your hard work!


Donna L. - California




Yes, the Cat Christmas Crackers arrived 3 days ago.  Thank you.  Now I am looking forward to Christmas more than ever.  I'll try to catch a photo of the cats opening their Crackers.


Felicity W. - Pennsylvania




... received and they are beautiful!

Molly B. - Minnesota



...just received the wonderful crackers...thought I would let you know all in time...look wonderful...thanks also for the wonderful card, I can see you will be a wonderful resource for me forever! thanks again,,,can't wait for everyone to open them at our party...


Jeananne P. - Washington




I look forward to doing business with you again...
I  liked the way the mailing box was wrapped in gift paper.

Colleen B. - Washington, D.C.



.... Your Christmas crackers brought joy, laughter and ooohs and ahh's to our Christmas morning! We loved the printed tissue crowns and all wore them well into the afternoon. So much nicer than the usual solid color crowns! Mine doubled as a chef's hat! I wore it while I prepared Christmas dinner. It was very festive with the green and red holly print!

We took turns reading our jokes. We hung our little ornaments on the tree and raced to see who could complete their crossword puzzle first.  We all agreed...our son's fiance achieved the loudest "crack" when we popped them open. Thank you so much...we thoroughly enjoyed them! Can
hardly wait to see next year's version!


Donna L. - California (December 2005)


How do you Celebrate?

Do you have a special family tradition for opening your Christmas Crackers?  Send me your family's favourite traditions for this holiday treat!!  And, if you have a picture of your family opening their Christmas crackers, email it to me for inclusion in the upcoming "Christmas Crackers Traditions Page" at GillianCards for 2006!