Wedding Birdcage Box                      Detail Close-up 

This beautiful box measures 7"wide X 7"long X 10"high.  It will comfortably hold dozens of wedding cards from your guests.  The cage is decorated on all 4 sides with daisies and delicately feathered leaves and has a lovely pair of doves with hearts standing out from the front of the box.  The paper used is of the very best quality with a beautiful texture and finish.  Truly something unique.  Please give a minimum of 1 week's notice.

                 Price:  7 inch square X 10" high  -  $60.00 Canadian + postage  ($45.00US)
                              10 inch square X 12" high  -  $75.00 Canadian + postage

 The Bird Cage Matches beautifully with the Daisy Wedding Guestbook:

Daisy Guestbook - 15 pages (+) 

$25.00 plus postage    8  1/2 X11"




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