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GillianCards                                         JANUARY 2005


This Elegant Valentine is a perennial favourite of my customers (especially men who buy them for their sweethearts).  Made with beautiful valentine red material, the heart is padded and puffy and completed with a lovely gold bow!

Blank inside or:

"For my one and only Valentine"

$8.00  Retail




    Love Note on wings  $6.00

Original - Handcrafted - Uplifting



wholesale enquiries

  • Minimum Order - $50.

  • Valentine Orders accepted until January 20th 2005.

  • Cards and shipping prepaid with order.

  • PST or Sales License number required.

  • Email for wholesale rates.

  • Prices are in US$.

Valentine Card, "Bugs in Love".  A Valentine for ladybug lovers!





Bugs in Love

Printed - $3.00




LadyBug Love  

Printed - $3.00





Heart Arrow

Printed - $3.00


The First Greeting Cards:


The oldest known

greeting card in existence, is a Valentine card made in the 1400's and can be admired at the British Museum (London). see:  http://www.netogram.com/history.htm 


Daisy Bug $6.00

Hand cut Daisies on

Canson Canary Yellow Paper.  One of my most popular sellers!

Spring Season





Mother's Day



Father's Day


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