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Company Branding Crackers
For Product/Program Campaign Events
We would be pleased to assist you with developing fun ideas to promote your new programs, products and business ventures. Tell us your campaign particulars and we would be happy to create a customer cracker for your company.

Companies most frequently request we create crackers to distribute product samples and coupons or to create brand interest with cracker prizes. . We have been asked to fill our crackers with everything from alcohol bottle minis and chocolates to bandages and lottery tickets! We also get many requests to provide custom crackers for corporate dinners and gifts especially around the holiday season. We regularly fill party cracker orders for restaurants - for birthdays, Valentine, Christmas and New Year events.

EMAIL now to find out how GillianCrackers can help with your company branding campaigns!
Pricing Tier:
Prices start as low as $1.95 each for plain 'Chubbies'.
Chubbies with overwrap advertising: begin at $2.35 each
Chubbies with candy or other insert: begin at $2.60 each
Premiums size - plain: begin at $2.25 each
Premiums with overwrap advertising: begin at $2.65 each
Premiums with overwrap & candy or other insert: begin at $2.90
BUT - each order is different - depending on the size of the order, whether printing is done by us or by you, what you wish inserted and who purchases those inserts. Timing can also affect price. If you can give us more time, we can charge a bit less. Ask us for a hurry order and we will likelu charge a small amount extra.
Minimum order 100 crackers.~
Currrently only available in Canada

Here are a few ideas to help you start planning your fun new promotional campaign!

Crackers are a fun/effective means of building company/product branding.

- Use to promote local business groups, BIA's, Producers, Art groups, products.
- Use the overwrap to promote your product
- Use the inside of the cracker to provide free product samples
- Place winning tickets for products in a planned portion of the crackers to build further interest in branding campaign.
- Place a business card inside
- Insert local, regional or national locations where your product is available.

Use crackers to build new ideas around products. They are a great fun way to promote new slogans ~ debunk long held notions that work against your business.

- Say something customers/clients aren't expecting to hear! In this realtor cracker, the message is: family cottage living IS affordable in Muskoka.

- Print your hours and location.

- Include a business card inside.
- Insert a visual - in the case of realtor crackers, insert a key!
- Insert a piece of local maple candy
- In a limited number of crackers, insert a coupon for shopping at the local BIA, cafe or Farmers' Market to demonstrate community. These businesses or organizations may be willing to give you a discount on their service vouchers.

Community arts groups, social organizations, hospitals, Museums, Animal Welfare Agencies, all are in constant need of creative ways to raise additional funds for their work.

- In a limited number of crackers, place coupons for services - a free pet placement & health check from the local animal shelter, free theatre or museum tickets, a complimentary chiropractic or physio visit.
- In all the rest - place information about the organization, how the fund-raising dollars will be spent, a word of thanks, and maybe a small, cheerful fruit candy!
- Be sure to include all your contact info.

New location? New Practice? New Business? Get this info out in fun crackers filled with lottsa info & some tasty treats!

- Hand out crackers to your customers with your new location & contact info.
- Inside place a business card or some service information. Vets, for instance, could include some pet care tips. Dentists could suggest new oral care products or advertise professional services.
- Inside, Vets could have crackers for cats with catnip and crackers for dogs with a biscuit. Every one in 25 crackers could include a discount for a pet check-up or product.
Trade shows can get deadly dull for buyers who return year after year. Keep the experience fresh for them! Use crackers to advertise show hours, special events, draws, workshops and news of interest. Include a show schedule, coffee voucher and a map.

- Get exhibitors to help offset cracker costs. Allow each business to have their name printed on the cracker & include a business card inside.
- Always include something fun inside. If you have a candy exhibitor, ask them to give you a good discount on samples for each cracker in return for advertising.
- HINT: Allow GillianCrackers to advertise its cracker biz inside the crackers at your wedding trade show and you may receive a 25% discount on your order!

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Every order is hand-filled and packed with
variety, freshness and fun only 2-4 weeks prior to each holiday season.
Switch to GillianCrackers for freshness, quality and entertainment!

Please support North American small business:
We are one of the few Canada/USA Cracker companies whose operation is totally in North Amercia.
We try to support other small companies by buying from North Amercian suppliers wherever possible.
We pay Canadian wage rates to local part time employees
~ known affectionaly as our 'Elf Staff'
Please buy North American!


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