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Celebrating Christmas Victorian-Style
Below are some links which you might enjoy as you prepare for the Christmas holidays this year.
Victorian decorations appeal to the senses - colour, frangrance, sound, and touch. As an artisan, that is one of the many reasons I so enjoy the simplicity and sensory qualities of the Victorian celebrations.

How to make Pomanders


How to make CandyCanes
According to 'Santa's Postbag'
The first record of candy canes dates back as far as 1670, when a cathedral in Germany made sweets to give to the children during a nativity service. The sweets were shaped to look like a shepherd's crooks.
Candy Cane Recipes:
1. RazzleDazzle Recipes
2. Santa's Postbag

Christmas With Dickens
By Mamie Dickens
"The Daughter of Charles Dickens"

This is a fascinating account of Christmas in Dicken's time - everything from the gift-giving, to dancing, games, conjurer tricks, Christmas dinner, New year's and Twelfth Night. Wonderful read. You can find an excerpt here:
Dickens Fast FAQ's

Follow the Victorian Farm team's step-by-step guides to making your very own Victorian Christmas. Discover how to make traditional Victorian decorations, indulge in delicious Victorian Christmas recipes, create the perfect gift and more. There are 25 activities, one for every day in December leading up to Christmas.

The "Scrap Album"
is an absolutely must-see website for those who are interested in the Victorian Christmas tradition. I recently happened on these wonderful pages and I can't wait to make some free time to study them further. Do consider visiting the next time you are sitting down to relax with a tea or coffee. The expereience will sweep you away to another era so richly full of tradition, decor, design and holiday spirit. Enjoy!

Free Christmas Clip Art

Swedish Paper Baskets
To hang on Christmas Trees

While this may not be 'Victorian' , it is in keeping with the spirit of the paper baskets & cones which were filled with candies and treats and adorned the Victorian Tree.

Christingle Orange

Victorian Christmas Trimming Ideas to Make


Make a raisin and Nut Garland


an Orange Basket:

Hand-filled, Victorian style Christmas crackers.
Christmas Carol Lyrics

The Caroling Corner


The Origins of Mistletoe

Making Paper Snowflakes

Victorian Christmas Recipes

Christmas Plum Pudding
Roast Goose with Sage & Onion Dressing
NewYear's Cake

Victorian Christmas Recipes

Yorkshire Christmas Pie
& Mincemeat Pudding
Pet Breed Holiday Stockings
a Victorian Christmas Tree

Victorian Jewelry Box

Making Christmas Crackers (1910)

I was thrilled to find this historical silent short film revealing
Christmas cracker production 100 years ago.
Oh, how I'd love to have that paper hat cutting machine!
The first 2 mintues are kind of slow action but hang in as it becomes more interesting
as it tours the various stages of production
and ends in a family celebration around a tree
while everyone opens a giant cracker!
This film may be 100 years old but a couple of the scenes
look just like my cracker workshop today!