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Peace on Earth Christmas crackers with white doves on blue paper at GillianCrackers

Christmas Crackers Activity pages for Belgium and Bulgaria from GillianCrackers.

Christmas cracker paper hats at GillianCrackers

Christmas cracker paper hat decorated with red and green trees

Christmas Cracker Peace Book Mark at GillianCrackers

"Peace" bookmark.
Use them to decorate your tree
or to use in your library books
to help carry the spirit of
Christmas Peace
with you throughout the entire year!

Hugely popular, Our "Peace on Earth" crackers are an around-the-world celebration with each cracker containing an activity sheet showcasing a particular country's Christmas holiday traditions. These crackers are meant to share various beloved Christmas customs, foods, and folklore from a large variety of countries - providing fun, games and facts - some historical, some contemporary, some widespread and some local to small groups - all created in the universal spirit of "PEACE on EARTH" at Christmas..

Though each cracker will feature a different country activity sheet, all sheets will share the same puzzles because we know (you have told us MANY times!) how much our Cracker Families like to solve them all together and even race one another to the puzzle finish! But the remaining space on both sides of the sheet will have a variety of information about local holiday traditions and customs, national flag history, the population size and cultural mix and other FAQS our Cracker Elves really think you will enjoy!

Each order will have a selction of different countries - up to a maximum of 25 countries are available.

:: 'Round the World Activity Pack with puzzle/trivia sheet
:: Puzzle pencil with eraser.
:: 2 or 3 Holiday sweets (including fruit candies from Indonesia and Brazil)
:: Printed bookmark with the word "Peace" written in the language of the country represented in each individual cracker.
:: Paper Hat with printed holiday design
:: And, of course, a really neat snapper!

$7.00 each (
£4.17) SALE: $6.30 ( £3.75)


5 crackers

Throughout sale until June 20th

Limited Quantities. First come; first served.

1 free "Waiting for Christmas" booklet included with every order of 5 crackers or more.
Approximately 15 pages full of puzzles, carols, paper craft projects, Christmas faqs.  Something for every age from the child beginning to use crayons to Extra Hard puzzle solvers at 100 years and beyond!

Box of 5 Crackers
Price: $7.00
  SALE PRICE: $6.30


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