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Below are some ordering hints that might help if you are stuck.
There is usually someone in the studio you can speak to most afternoons 1pm -11 p.m.
So try emailing us if you need help. If we're in, we'll respond within the hour.

1) My credit card payment wasn't accepted!
This happens occasionally. Unfortunately - the credit card processor can be very particular about the information you input. For instance, they SAY to enter your name just as it appears on your credit card, however SOMETIMES if that doesn't work, try entering your whole first name - often the does the trick. The same applies for your address: Your credit card company may mail your statement to Yonge Street E. but when you enter the info in the shopping cart, it sometimes only accepts East instead of the abbreviation E.

Paypal has told us that if a customper has a problem in processing their credit card payment, there should be an ERROR CODE offered as explanation.

Still having trouble? The best solution would be to click on the appropriate link below to leave your credit card details. These links lead to a SECURE message board location.

Canadian orders:
USA and all other orders:

You will need to leave ALL of the following infomation - please don't leave anything out or we can't process your card:
1) Name
2) Address
3) State or Province
4) Zip Code or Postal Code
5) Telephone #
6) Credit Card Company

7) Credit Card #
8) Expiry Date
9) Security Code (on the back of your card)

Once you have sent us your credit card information, please email us with your order, including quantity, type of cracker and your SHIPPING address if it is different from your billing address. You do not have to send us your other address or phone details again as we can pick that up from your credit card details.

2) I can't get the cart to move to the Payment Page! What's UP?
Check to make sure that you have filled in ALL of the boxes with this symbol beside them *
You must also check off the "TERMS" box after you have filled in all of your address information. The cart will not proceed until you agree to the terms of sale.
3) But I don't have a Paypal Account! Help!
It's OK! You don't need a Paypal account to pay for your order. If you do have one and wish to proceed to your account, then, in the box usually located at the right hand side of the page, enter your Paypal username and password. If you don't have a Paypal account, then use the option at the left hand of the payment page where you see the accepted credit cards logo. You can make a direct payment with your credit card by clicking on that link. NOTE: I have been using Paypal for about 8 years. I can attest to their integrity of service, privacy and safety. Using Paypal gives both the buyer and the seller additional protection. If you don't have an account, consider getting one soon!

4) What is my 'Shipping Zone'
On most pages there should be either red text or a box with a red border which reads:

BEFORE Ordering -
Please Click on this link to SELECT your SHIPPING ZONE

Just click on the link and that will lead you to your shipping zone.
We have included the shipping zone chart at the bottom of this page as well.

Here are some things to know about placing your order:

5) But I don't want THREE, Gillian, I want FOUR!
If you want to increase or decrease the number of items you wish to purchase, highlight the number in the 'quantity' box, delete it and replace it with the number you want, for instance, changing your order from 2 boxes to 3 boxes. Then, look down towards the bottom of the shopping cart page and find 'Recalculate'. Click on that and you will see the adjusted price for your new quantity of items. You can then return to shopping or proceed to the checkout payment pages.

6) Gosh, I still need help, Gillian!
Nothing above helped? Then send me an email HERE:
I may answer within moments so don't go away til you see if I'm in or not! If you don't get a reply within 5 minutes, then likely I am not in the studio.

EMAIL: It is usually fastest to EMAIL as I am often around the studio in the afternoon or evenings and can also access your emails from home.

PHONE: You could call at: 705 644 1902. This is a cell phone #. I am able to take/respond to text messages but because of reduced hearing, I can't take live calls or respond to voice mail. Please leave a short text message or, if you need to leave a longer message, please send an email. I will respond to either within 24 hours - less usually.

FAX: 801 720 5775. You can fax questions, orders, and credit card info if you wish.

Please choose your state to determine your Shipping Zone for the shopping cart.


Please choose your state to determine your Shipping Zone for the shopping cart.
State Zone   Province/Territory Zone
Alaska 5   Alberta 4
Alabama 3   British Columbia 4
Arkansas 3   Manitoba 3
Arizona 4   New Brunswick 3
California 5   Nfld & Labrador 4
Colorado 4   North West Territories 5
Connecticut 1   Nova Scotia 3
District of Columbia 1   Nunavut 5
Delaware 1   Ontario 1
Florida 3   Prince Edward Island 3
Georgia 3   Quebec 2
Hawaii 5   Saskatchewan 3
Iowa 3   Yukon 5
Idaho 4      
Illinois 2      
Indiana 2      
Kansas 3      
Kentucky 2      
Louisiana 3      
Maine 2      
Maryland 1      
Massachusetts 1      
Michigan 2      
Minnesota 3      
Missouri 3      
Montana 4      
N. Carolina 2      
N. Dakota 3      
Nebraska 3      
New Hampshire 2      
New Jersey 1      
New Mexico 4      
Nevada 5      
New York 1      
Ohio 1      
Oklahoma 3      
Oregon 5      
Pennsylanvia 1      
Rhode Island 1      
South Carolina 3      
South Dakotaa 3      
Tennesee 2      
Texas 3      
Utah 4      
Vermont 1      
Virginia 2      
Washington 5      
West Virginia 1      
Wisconsin 2      
Wyoming 4      
Mississippi 3