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The Holiday Cracker
Line-Up for 2012
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Below is a peek at our Holiday Cracker line-up for 2012. Not all of our crackers are wrapped yet with this season's tissue papers but there are paper sample swatches available to look at on each individual cracker page.
For more information or to order, please click on theimages below.
Christmas crackers with Dickens' Christmas theme by GillianCrackers Christmas Crackers with puzzles and games by GillianCrackers
Family Holiday Classics
We have several new paper designs this year for the Classics!

Each Contain:

:: Paper Tissue Hat,
:: Ghirardelli or Toblerone or other fine chocolate
:: Mini Christmas Tree Decoration
:: Activity Sheet
:: Puzzle Pencil & Eraser
:: Seasonal Joke
:: Holiday Confetti

Dickens' Christmas

Each Contain:

:: 1 Holiday Ghiradelli Chocolate
:: 1 Striped Mint Puff
:: Christmas Activity Sheet with Dickens-related puzzles, trivia & two Christmas carols.
:: 1 Victorian Holiday Recipe
:: Puzzle Pencil
:: Patterned Paper Hat
:: Small Holiday Decoration
:: Holiday joke or historical fact & Dicken's quote
Puzzle Lovers'

Each Contain:

:: A 2-sided Puzzle Sheet
:: A mini Toblerone chocolate.
:: Paper Hat
:: A holiday puzzle pencil.
:: Pencil Sharpener
:: A wee Christmas Tree Decoration
:: Holiday Joke

Snowflake Gift Crackers

Two types of lovely
Snowflake Gift Crackers
featuring either-

1) A delicate pewter snowflake-icicle decoration


2) A lacey crochet snowflake.

PRICE: $7:00 each
Minimum order: 5
PRICE: $7:50 each
Minimum order: 5
PRICE: $7:00 each
Minimum order: 5
PRICE: $7.50 to $20.00 each
depending on variety
Christmas Nativity NEW

Each Contain:
:: Christmas Story Activity Sheet including the Christmas Story.
:: Christmas Story facts & trivia card
:: Ghiardelli holiday chocolate
:: Christmas novelty or deocration
:: Paper Hat
:: Puzzle Pencil & Eraser
'Round the World Traditions
These crackers, wrapped in light blue paper with white doves will showcase Christmas traditions from around the world - all created in the spirit of peace! NEW

Each Contain:
:: Christmas Traditions from 'Round the World Activity Sheet
:: Puzzle pencil & eraser.
:: Holiday sweets (At this time we expect to have candy from Indonesia, Brazil & Turkey & other countries as it becomes available)
:: Printed "Peace" bookmark
:: Paper Hat with holiday design

Charades Crackers
Note: To see this year's Charades paper designs, click image above.

Each Contain:
:: 1Ghirardelli Holiday Chocolate
:: 1 Activity Sheetl
:: 4 charades
:: 1 Paper Hat
:: 1 Holiday Joke

Each box of 5 crackers will additionally contain:
- Charade Game Rules
- Pouch of tiny game prizes
Pewter Ornament Crackers

Each Contain:
A quality artisan-created Pewter Christmas Decoration Keepsake.
:: Holiday chocolate
:: Activity Sheet
:: Paper Hat
:: Puzzle Pencil & Holiday Eraser
:: Holiday Joke
:: Holiday Confetti
PRICE: $7:00 each
Minimum order: 5
PRICE: $7:00 each
Minimum order: 5
PRICE: $7:50 each
Minimum order: 5
PRICE: $20:00 each
Minimum order:1
 12 Days of Christmas crackers with pewter ornaments by GillianCrackers  
12 Days of Christmas Crackers
These crackers feature Artisan-made Pewter Decorations depicting the 12 Days of Christmas. Pewter pieces are also available separately without crackers.

One - 12 Days of Christmas
pewter decorations
:: 1 Ghirardelli or Toblerone
:: Activity Sheet
:: Paper Hat
:: Holiday Joke
Musical Handbell Crackers
4 types of handbell sets available. Free downloadable music as well as music books for purchase are available.

Each Contain:
:: 1 colour-coded toned handbell.
:: A Christmas chocolate.
:: Activity Pack: Paper hat, activity sheet, pencil and holiday joke

Chocolate Crackers
Two types of chocolate crackers:
1)  Chocolate Addicts'
2) Chocolate Lovers' with pewter decoration.


Gift Crackers
A selection of 4 Christmas crackers for gift giving.

:: Tea Lovers
:: Cookie Monsters
::Chocolate Addicts
:: Merry Christmas Crackers

The crackers will be wrapped in a variety of papers from our 2012 tissue collection.
PRICE: $16.00 each
Minimum order:
Available individually or in sets of 12
PRICE RANGE: $95 to $335
Minimum order:
 1 set of 8 crackers
PRICE RANGE: $12 to $25
Minimum order:
PRICE RANGE: $12 to $30 each
Minimum order:
 Depends on Variety
thanksgiving holiday premium crackers decorated with autumn leaves

Our Thanksgiving crackers are very popular. Orders double every year. PLEASE ORDER EARLY so as not to be disappointed.

5 Varieties Available

1) Family
2) Puzzle Lovers
3) Charades
4) Hand-decorated (limited supply)
5) CrackerLITE

Economy CrackerLITES

These are our new economy crackers filled with quality and fun and pleasingly priced
:: Paper Hat
:: Small Chocolate
:: Holiday Joke
:: And, of course, a really neat snapper!

Hanukkah CrackerLITES

:: Paper Hat
:: One Wrapped Candy
:: Dreidl
:: And, of course, a really neat snapper!
New Year - 2013

:: A printed paper hat
:: A noisemaker or balloon
:: A wrapped mint
:: A 'New Year Prediction
:: And, a really great SNAPPER.
PRICE RANGE: $30 to $45
Minimum order:
PRICE: $30:00 for 10 CrackerLITES PRICE: $30:00 for 10 CrackerLITES PRICE: $30:00 for 10 CrackerLITES
Christmas Crackers just for cats from GillianCrackers.    
Filled wth various edible doggie treats
Filled with various toys & catnip.
PRICE: $7:00 each
Minimum order: 1
PRICE: $7:00 each
Minimum order: 1

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Important - Please Read.
You will be asked to agree to these terms in the shopping cart. Thank You!

consider giving us your destination as your shipping address
or let us know when you expect to leave home for the holidays.
You will be asked to leave them behind!
Let us know where you are going and we will, if you order early enough,
and if it is within our abilities,
ship them on ahead of you to your destination.


Thanksgiving Deliveries

Canadian Thanksgiving is October 8th, 2012
Holiday crackers will be shipped for expected receipt the week preceeding Thanksgiving or earlier.

USA Thanksgiving is November 22nd, 2012
Holiday crackers will be shipped for expected receipt the week preceeding Thanksgiving or earlier.

For all Thanksgiving deliveries, we cannot guarantee a particular delivery date -
only that we will have your box at your preferred delivery address
during the week preceeding Thanksgiving or earlier.
We leave the packing of holiday crackers until right before the holiday
in order that the contents, candy in particularly, will arrive fresh and delicious.

If you are concerned about your Thanksgiving crackers reaching you in time,
send us an EMAIL and we will try to assist by the end of the next business day or sooner.

Christmas & New Year Deliveries

Christmas Shipping Schedule:

November 15th through to December 14th for USA Orders.
Beginning December 1st through to December 20th for Canadian Orders.

Our target is to have every parcel in our customers' homes by December 24th.
You may receive your package well before that date,
however, we do not promise to reach you any earlier than Christmas Eve day.

Hanukkah Deliveries

Hanukkah begins December 9, 2012

Orders will be shipped
for intended receipt in both the USA & Canada by Dec 5th or earlier.

Please remember - smaller, out of-the-way or extreme northern communities,
may take longer for delivery!

For Hawaii, Alaska, NWT, Yukon, Nunavut and some areas within Labrador -
please order extra early
- otherwise express shipping costs will be applied.


Please choose your state to determine your Shipping Zone for the shopping cart.


Please choose your state to determine your Shipping Zone for the shopping cart.
State Zone   Province/Territory Zone
Alaska 5   Alberta 4
Alabama 3   British Columbia 4
Arkansas 3   Manitoba 3
Arizona 4   New Brunswick 3
California 5   Nfld & Labrador 4
Colorado 4   North West Territories 5
Connecticut 1   Nova Scotia 3
District of Columbia 1   Nunavut 5
Delaware 1   Ontario 1
Florida 3   Prince Edward Island 3
Georgia 3   Quebec 2
Hawaii 5   Saskatchewan 3
Iowa 3   Yukon 5
Idaho 4      
Illinois 2      
Indiana 2      
Kansas 3      
Kentucky 2      
Louisiana 3      
Maine 2      
Maryland 1      
Massachusetts 1      
Michigan 2      
Minnesota 3      
Mississippi 3      
Missouri 3      
Montana 4      
N. Carolina 2      
N. Dakota 3      
Nebraska 3      
New Hampshire 2      
New Jersey 1      
New Mexico 4      
Nevada 5      
New York 1      
Ohio 1      
Oklahoma 3      
Oregon 5      
Pennsylanvia 1      
Rhode Island 1      
South Carolina 3      
South Dakotaa 3      
Tennesee 2      
Texas 3      
Utah 4      
Vermont 1      
Virginia 2      
Washington 5      
West Virginia 1      
Wisconsin 2      
Wyoming 4      


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