Old fashioned, English Victorian-style Christmas crackers
Filled with lottsa little treats.

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Christmas Crackers

Kids' Crackers

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Slightly smaller hats, candy kids love & and lots of puzzles and games in every cracker.

Each Cracker CONTAINS:
:: 1 Nikki's Nut Cracker Cookie

:: Activity Pack including: children's puzzles & games, a small puzzle pencil and eraser.
:: Paper Hat
:: Snowman or Santa Joke

:: A paper finger puppet or other toy
:: A really great snap!

Limited Quantities Available -
Please order early.

Nickki's Nutcracker Cookie
Children's Cracker
6" Treat Tube - 9" total length
Before Ordering -
Click on this link to SELECT your SHIPPING ZONE
One Crackers
Price: $7.00
Order CDN$

If you are not ordering any other crackers from this website, then there is a minimum order of 5 Kids' crackers. Sorry we are unable to mail single crackers because of the shipping costs.

Our Customers Write...

Gillian, We had a lot of fun with the crown
and with the snowmen...

...Thomas, Groton, MA

Please, please...order EARLY

Unlike the common crackers available in the markets today, ALL GillianCrackers are hand assembled and wrapped. We make ALL our own puzzles, games and activity sheets and fill/wrap all of our crackers HERE in North America!
We do NOT outsource
any of our work overseas!

Our crackers take a good deal of time to make and to ship because we take great care in preparing them for YOU.

Avoid disappointment -
order NOW!.

Activity Sheet - specially made for younger children.
For older children and teens, we recommend our regular Family-style,
Dickens Christmas or Puzzle Lovers' Crackers.
Look at the activity page shown here to help judge which type of cracker is best -
the puzzles and word games are quite simple.

We know that many of you like to browse our seasonal cracker pages and then place your order closer to the holidays. However, this year customer orders are unexpectedly numerous and we may not be able to fill late requests. If you are counting on GillianCrackers for the holidays.

Pssst! Tell your friends
about GillianCrackers!



"Waiting for Christmas" Booklet

So much about Christmas has to do with waiting... waiting for celebration of the nativity, waiting for family to arrive, waiting for Santa Claus, waiting to open presents, waiting to set the table with our best china, waiting for Tom Turkey to cook and the mince pie to come out of the oven. This year again, as an added holiday treat , we are including a wee booklet with a few pages of little games, puzzles, recipes, crafts, songs and other things to do while you are WAITING (patiently or otherwise!) for all things Christmas. We will include one little booklet in every box. Please feel free to copy it for your family's use.
Or, you may order additional copies at a nominal cost.

from your Cracker Elves who WISH YOU a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Important - Please Read.
You will be asked to agree to these terms in the shopping cart. Thank You!

USA Thanksgiving

We begin filling our thanksgiving crackers the 3rd week of October.
We begin shipping October 31st.
We do not guarantee a particular delivery date -
only that we will have your box at your preferred delivery address by November 22nd or sooner.
We appreciate your patience.
Because we want your crackers and the chocolate in them to arrive as fresh as possible
we cannot make our crackers in January and February as the mass cracker manufactureres do.
This means there is a lot of work for the Cracker Elves in the few weeks available to us!
If you are concerned about your Thanksgiving crackers reaching you in time,
send us an EMAIL and we will try to assist.

If you are travelling, consider giving us your destination as your shipping address
or let us know when you expect to leave home for the holidays.

Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, New Year Shipping

To ensure freshnesss, the filling of all
Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, Dog and Cat Holiday GillianCrackers™
begins the first week of November.

We then commence our Hanukkah and Christmas Shipping Schedule:
November 15th through to December 5th for USA Orders.

Beginning December 1st through to December 21st for Canadian Orders.

Our target is to have every parcel in our customers' homes by December 24th.
You may receive your package well before that date,
however, we do not promise to reach you any earlier than Christmas Eve day
(December 16th for Solstice Crackers)
(December 20th for Hanukkah Crackers)

Again, especially with late orders placed in November and December,
we can only promise to have your crackers to you by December 24th.

If you are travelling, consider giving us your destination as your shipping address
or let us know when you expect to leave home for the holidays.


Please remember - smaller, out of-the-way or extreme northern communities, may take longer for delivery!
For Hawaii, Alaska, NWT, Yukon, Nunavut and some areas within Labrador - please order extra early
- otherwise express shipping costs will be applied.


Please choose your state to determine your Shipping Zone for the shopping cart.


Please choose your state to determine your Shipping Zone for the shopping cart.
State Zone   Province/Territory Zone
Alaska 5   Alberta 4
Alabama 3   British Columbia 4
Arkansas 3   Manitoba 3
Arizona 4   New Brunswick 3
California 5   Nfld & Labrador 4
Colorado 4   North West Territories 5
Connecticut 1   Nova Scotia 3
District of Columbia 1   Nunavut 5
Delaware 1   Ontario 1
Florida 3   Prince Edward Island 3
Georgia 3   Quebec 2
Hawaii 5   Saskatchewan 3
Iowa 3   Yukon 5
Idaho 4      
Illinois 2      
Indiana 2      
Kansas 3      
Kentucky 2      
Louisiana 3      
Maine 2      
Maryland 1      
Massachusetts 1      
Michigan 2      
Minnesota 3      
Missouri 3      
Montana 4      
N. Carolina 2      
N. Dakota 3      
Nebraska 3      
New Hampshire 2      
New Jersey 1      
New Mexico 4      
Nevada 5      
New York 1      
Ohio 1      
Oklahoma 3      
Oregon 5      
Pennsylanvia 1      
Rhode Island 1      
South Carolina 3      
South Dakotaa 3      
Tennesee 2      
Texas 3      
Utah 4      
Vermont 1      
Virginia 2      
Washington 5      
West Virginia 1      
Wisconsin 2      
Wyoming 4      
Mississippi 3      


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