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this year's
Holiday Crackers

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Dear Customers

We are busy working away at this year's edition of our Holiday Crackers.
We have quite a variety for you and have set up this page to help answer some questions
and offer some 'shop and compare' information...

Click HERE for pictures of our complete 2010 LineUp.

The only cracker which DOES have Christmas carols this year is the Dickens Christmas variety.
Other cracker types which in years gone by would have had the carols printed on the reverse side of the activity sheets now have replaced the carols with other fun things to do!


There are a few differences which set aside the Children's Crackers. First, the hats are a bit smaller. Not too small as they need to fit older children as well. We are including a holiday sticker in every children's activity pack and you can use these as an adhesive after gathering any excess tissue together to make the hats smaller for the real little kids. There are NO Christmas carols in the Kids' Crackers. Instead we have a Christmas 'Snakes and Ladders' Style game in these crackers. And there is NO tree decoration. Instead we are packing a finger puppet or little toy depending on supply availability. We also are including kid-type fun candy which will be jelly beans or some other favourite treat. And, finally, the cracker elves will include a tiny surprise in each cracker and will customize the surprise with your child's name
IF you order before September 15th and IF you leave us the child's name in the shopping cart. Available only while supplies last. Kid's crackers are sold individually so it is not necessary to buy an entire box of them. We can also send individual crackers out in the mail to children on your Christmas list. Fun for nieces, nephews and grandchildren!


If you have been a GillianCrackers Customer for awhile, you know how passionately we feel about returning to the Victorian roots of this family tradition when crackers were packed with games, little treats and suprises. Now in keeping with this focus, we are introducing the
Dickens Christmas Cracker featuring an artisanal "Figgy Pudding" chocolate created by choclatier, 'Chocolate Clare'. We also pack lots of Charles Dickens fun into the activity sheets and add a Dicken's quote onto the reverside of each holiday joke card. The Activity Pack also includes 4 of our most beloved Christmas carols for your family to sing together. This is the ONLY cracker this year to include Christmas Carols.


Our pet crackers again this year will NOT contain cracker snaps.
All of our cat and dog crackers are being wrapped in cute 'Pet Paw' paper and cheerfully tied with either red or green ribbons depending on which animals you are ordering for. We are considering crackers for rabbits and hamsters too. Let us know if you are interested. Both cracker varieties contain activity packs. Doggie crackers are filled with treats and the cat crackers this year will contain the usual fragrant catnip but we are changing the other treats - to be announced shortly. Many of our families have been ordering the pet crackers for years and we want to change them a little this year so kitty doesn't get too bored with his holiday gift. You KNOW how easily bored cats can be!

his year, we are starting a new tradition of creating one Tree Ornament Cracker each season which will contain a beautiful holiday ornament keepsake. These are intended for gift giving to the special folks in your life - grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers or others you would particularly like to recognize. Each year we will feature a new decoration which can be treasured for years to come. This year we feature beautiful artisan-crafted Pewter decorations and we include TWO truffles by Chocolate Clare so that it can be given as a gift for one OR two special people (grandparents?) with a tempting 'Armanac Truffle' for each! And, we have a very special BABY'S FIRST CHRISTMAS tree ornament cracker as well! A lovely memory to keep forever. Additional pewter ornaments maybe purchased separately as well..

We have over the years heard from many 'blended' families who say they celebrate both occasions and would like a suitable fun cracker the whole family can enjoy. So... we developed the hybrid HoHoHoHanukkah Cracker with treats for both the happy Festival of Lights and Christmas Day.
The activity sheets feature Hanukkah on one side and Christmas on the other! And there is both a Hanukkah dreidl and a Christmas tree decoration packed into every cracker.

FOR PUZZLE LOVERS: It was our customers who requested this one! Last year in our annual customer survey, customers indicated they wanted MORE puzzles and HARDER puzzles... so, we created the Puzzle Lovers Christmas Cracker! Both sides of the activity sheet is filled with word and math puzzles for lots of holiday fun. And, we include a little puzzle pencil and sharpener to get folks through all their puzzle figurings. Lots of fun - great for using at family parties or when crackers are opened on Christmas Eve next day while waiting for the turkey to cook. Wonderful crackers to have in a basket by the front door for when folks stop by to say hello over the holidays!


We do make our Bulk Crackers available for large holiday gatherings - restaurants, inns and office parties. We also can make them available in display packaging for retail sales - there is an extra charge for the packaging. In both cases, orders MUST BE IN NO LATER THAN THE END OF AUGUST.
That is a firm deadline. Really. We will accept NO bulk orders after August 31st. After the 31st, only premium-sized crackers will be available and at full cost. As we have limited numbers of these bulk crackers available for sale, we suggest placing your order well before that date to ensure availability.

*** IMPORTANT *** Notes about ordering:
1) If you are ordering for more than one shipping destination:
Please place separate orders for each individual destination. If you tick off the shopping cart box which asks if you would like to have your information remembered, then when you go to fill out subsequent orders, you won't need to enter your address, phone #, etc., all over again!

2) Check your information CAREFULLY:
Please CHECK CAREFULLY the shipping address, phone number and your email address in the shopping cart. Every year, we have at least a few people who enter the wrong address and the box gets waylaid necessitating a long search and redirect operation. And, every year, some customers will omit their phone numbers (this is VERY important, especially for USA and European orders). And finally we ask that you enter your address with correct punctuation. If you enter: maple street, orchard, oregon, usa - well, we have to go over all that by hand and put all the capitals back on sometimes causing issues with the buyers/sellers agreement which insists we send to the original address submitted by you the customer. And, Canadians, please enter your postal codes correctly - use the 0 for zero and not the 'o'. Wrong: pol4r9 Correct: P0L 4R9

Yes, our Holiday Cracker Contest is back for the second year with fun new categories for everyone in the family to enter!
Details to be released in mid-August...
Check out the 2009 winning photos!

Consider having us ship your crackers to your travel destination. Remember... airlines these days are not likely to allow holiday crackers on their planes because of the cracker snap. Most companies have very strict regulations.


This year, beginning in August, we are attempting a new 'zone' shipping procedure. You will be asked in the shopping cart to select the region which best describes where you live. The shopping cart has the capacity to accurately assess shipping for orders $312.50 and under. For larger orders, additional shipping charges will likely apply. We will advise you of the exact shipping BEFORE we fill your order. Additional charges, if any, must be paid before the order is filled. We hope this ensures a smooth ordering process this season.
The Shipping Rates will change over to Xpress Shipping as each of the holidays for Thanksgiving (USA and Canadian), Hanukkah, Solstice, Christmas and New Years draw closer. Xpress shipping charges are SIGNFICANTLY higher so please do ORDER EARLY.

We really enjoy hearing from you much so please do contact us with any questions, comments, suggestions or any reason at all. This year we would appreciate however receiving your questions via EMAIL only. I have developed hearing problems, making it difficult to communicate on the phone and since I'm 'chief elf' in charge of Customer Relations here during the holidays, we have decided to communicate via email only.
Thanks for understanding.


We are no longer accepting phone orders. We want to make sure that we get ALL of your information just right. So, please fill out the shopping cart with all your details - CHECK IT TWICE FOR ACCURACY - and send it in to us. Your shopping cart order is what generates our postage and shipping labels and the information on those will be EXACTLY the same as you submit them to us - so please do be careful. By ordering on-line and verifying your address you are ensured buyer protection in the (unlikely) event that the post office does not delivery your parcel to you. That hasn't happened yet but you never know!

Please, please...order EARLY

Unlike the common crackers available in the markets today, ALL GillianCrackers are hand assembled and wrapped. We make ALL our own puzzles, games and activity sheets and fill/wrap all of our crackers HERE in North America!
We do NOT outsource any of our work
Our crackers take a good deal of time to make
and to ship because we take great care
in preparing them for YOU.

Avoid disappointment -
order NOW!.

Holiday Shipping Notes:

To ensure freshnesss, the filling of all
Christmas, Hanukkah, and Dog and Cat Holiday GillianCrackers™
begins mid-November.

We then commence our Shipping Schedule:
November 30th through to December 10th for USA Orders.

Beginning December 3rd through to December 21st for Canadian Orders - depending on location.

Our target is to have every parcel in our customers' homes by December 24th.
You may receive your package well before that date,
however, we do not promise to reach you any earlier than Christmas Eve day
(Dec. 17th for Solstice Crackers)
If you are travelling, consider giving us your destination as your shipping address
or let us know when you expect to leave home for the holidays.
Again, with late orders placed in November and December,
we can only promise to have your crackers to you by December 24th.

Last Shipping Dates:
USA: December 14th
Canada: December 21st
Smaller, out of-the-way communities, may take longer.
To ensure you are not disappointed,
do not put off ordering; Order TODAY!