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We are now accepting orders for the 2016 Holiday Season.

Expect all deliveries by the week before each holiday.

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Christmas Traditions Cracker

What is Christmas without the handing down of traditions from one generation and family to the next? In every corner of the world local traditions and history are lovingly, merrily shared and re-enacted each Christmas-time.

Celebrate traditions from around the world! Discover how many of the old world customs survive in various modern day expressions. Each cracker features faqs, flags and trivia from a different country and is decorated with a "Peace" tag written in the language of that country.

Each Cracker contains:

:: 1 Traditions Sheet with faqs and trivia for one country.
:: 1 Hard Maple Candy
:: Paper Hat
:: Joke/charade/trivia/puzzle card
:: 2 Christmas Carols
:: Tree Decoration

Packed into each shipping box
find one of each of the following:

:: History of the Christmas cracker
:: Activity Sheet with Christmas Carols.

Box of 5
Price: $35.00


* Shipped for receipt by week before Christmas

** Sorry, no early shipping
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New this Year!
We have taken some of the best elements of our famous
Christmas Activity Sheets and included them in our new
Joke/Trivia/Charade/Puzzle Sheet

We Elves take great pride in our
wide array of
brightly patterned
holiday paper hats!

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The Elves Thank You for your kind Loyalty & Support!




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