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The Cheerful Little Card Company

Corporate Sales

Holiday Cards, Invitations,
Christmas Crackers
and Baskets
for Christmas and Hanukkah

For companies, hotels, office parties, restaurants, inns, and employee gifts.

gifts with:
handmade quality,
substance, and,
old-fashioned holiday sentiment...

Choose Gillian's greetings, crackers and gifts for
something a little different from your company this year...

NOTE: Please ORDER EARLY to assure availablity.

100 Gold Apples and Pears
Mini Caterer Crackers - CTRpears
3" Tube
Price: $210
Order USA$

Additional crackers
in batches of 25:

Price: $

Lindt OR
Ghirardelli Chocolate,
Holiday Joke,
Candy Cane and a really great snapper!

Gillian will create some lovely holiday baskets for your corporate customers and employees. These are filled with holiday crackers in the Victorian style along with quality chocolates, biscuits and other goodies. Choose Gillian's cracker baskets for handmade quality and that little touch of something different.
Email with your requirements
Limited quantities remaining
$20 - $250.00

100 Hanukkah Crackers SOLD OUT
Mini Caterer Cracker - CTRhan2
3" Tube
Price: $210
Order CDN$
Additional crackers in batches of 25:
Price: $
Order USA$
Order CDN$
2 Gold Chocolate Coins, Hanukkah saying,
Paper hat.

"A little smile, a word of Cheer"

Corporate Greetings and Invitations.

Heartwarming quotes for the holiday season filled with good old fashioned cheer and sentiment
We would be pleased to print your invitation or inside message for you.

For orders of 100 or more: $1.50 each.
Email with your requirements.

Gift Boxes SOLD OUT
of 6 Chocolate-Lovers
Mini Christmas Crackers.
Price includes
full-size Christmas Card
"A little smile, A word of Cheer"

Chocolate Lovers Minis
(3" Treat Tubes)
GillianCrackers is again offering the popular MINI Crackers for Chocolate Lovers. Each cracker contains the following quality Chocolate pieces:
One Lindt Angel, One Ghiardelli Special Holiday Edition Peppermint Square, One Brockmann's Hazlenut Truffle. Cracker also contains a holiday joke, and a really great cracker snapper.

NOTE: We have Hanukkah chocolate Minis available too!

GillianCrackers has many lovely quality products available this year for Corpoarte Giving.
Give something a little different this year which will be used and appreciated by your clients and employees. Email with your requirements and budget and we will make some holiday gift basket or box suggestions.

with HAND CREATED products from

can be incorporated into your client and employee Christmas Cracker gift baskets.
(Food items are available for shipping to Canadian addresses only)

Muskoka produced
Maple Butter

Muskoka Produced
Maple Syrup

Muskoka Produced
Maple Brittle, Cashews or Almonds

Cheese Sticks!

Lindt Chocolate

Almond Roca

Ghirardelli Peppermint
Bark Bar

Lindt Chocolate Angels.

Ghiradelli Peppermint Chocolate Squares. Dairy milk on the bottom, white chocolate on top flecked with tasty peppermint for the holidays! Smaller version of the Bar to the left.

For folks who are concerned about sugar content.

Savoury - a change from all the holiday sweets.

One of my fondest memories of childhood Christmases was the shortbread cookies Mom would buy us!


GillianCrackers has proudly been creating
old-fashioned, Victorian-style crackers
since 1995.

Read mycustomer testimonials.

Read why GillianCrackers
began making Holiday Crackers for YOU!

GillianCrackers Old Fashioned,
Hand-Wrapped, Christmas Crackers for the holidays

are truly handmade. Brightly wrapped in double layers of tissue, each cracker contains seasonal treats much like the original Christmas crackers from the Victorian Tradition.
Read HERE to discover why I began making hand-wrapped crackers...

My Customers write...

.... Your Christmas crackers brought joy, laughter and ooohs and ahh's to our Christmas morning! We loved the printed tissue crowns and all wore them well into the afternoon. So much nicer than the usual solid color crowns! Mine doubled as a chef's hat! I wore it while I prepared Christmas dinner. It was very festive with the green and red holly print!

We took turns reading our jokes. We hung our little ornaments on the tree and raced to see who could complete their crossword puzzle first.  We all agreed...our son's fiance achieved the loudest "crack" when we popped them open. Thank you so much...we thoroughly enjoyed them! Can hardly wait to see next year's version!

Donna L. - California

My Customers write...
I look forward to doing business with you again...I  liked the way the mailing box was wrapped in gift paper.

Colleen B. - Washington, D.C.
My Customers write...
Your crackers were such a hit at my Christmas dinner last year, I will have to make them a tradition.

V.G. - Ottawa, ON
My Customers write...
The package has been picked up and its contents are already giving great pleasure. Thank you for everything including your solicitude up to the point of delivery! You are a unique facility and I hope that you continue to go from strength to strength.

Roger E.
- UK 
My Customers write...

Hello Gillian:
My Christmas crackers arrived yesterday and I am MORE than excited now! They are amazing and your little extra touches are really sweet!
Thanks for making our day more festive! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Jennifer M.

2008 Holiday Shipping Notes:

To ensure freshness of the chocolate and candies,
all Christmas, Hanukkah, and Dog and Cat Holiday GillianCrackers™
are filled beginning mid-November.

We then begin our Shipping Schedule:
November 28th, 2008 for USA Orders.

Beginning December 3rd, 2008 for Canadian Orders.




At this time I have still not been able to find a means of shipping Christmas or Hanukkah crackers to Britain, Europe or anywhere outside of Canada and the continental United States. There continues to be airline security issues with the little (harmless!) snapper included in each cracker. I am glad to ship the cracker without the snappers to almost anywhere in the world.


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