Steve John Mason


Suddenly on Sunday, September 19, 2004, in his 41st year. Loving son to Carroll and Larry Stacey, and the late Richard Mason. Brother to Wray and Diana, Joe and Barb. Uncle to Rachel and Hayley. Step-brother to David, Stephen and Mark. He will be sadly missed by many relatives and friends.

Wray Mason's eulogy to his brother, Steve, was delivered by him  Saturday September 25, 2004 in the chapel at the Ridley Funeral Home, Mississauga, Ontario.



Steve John Mason

February 6, l964 - September 19, 2004


My Brother Steve,

I actually do remember you when Mom brought you back from the hospital.  I donít ever remember being jealous of you as some first born are.  You were such a cute, blonde, blue eyed baby.  Of course we didnít know then that you would be the textbook example for the terrible twos!  You were born with a very strong will.  This developed into a temper that reared itís ugly head on one occasion, at only 7 or 8 years, when I was teasing you and you grabbed a baseball bat and threatened to kill me.  I was actually a little afraid and cried to Mom who intervened and in short order we were brothers again.  It wasnít long after that you threatened to move out when you were grounded by Mom for something you had done.  Mom said ďgo aheadĒ, Iíll help you pack.  So to teach you a lesson mom helped you pack a suitcase and you were so stubborn you actually dragged the suitcase that you could hardly pick up to the end of the driveway and said goodbye and started down the street.  You only made it about 30 feet and decided that this might be a bad idea, Mom was not falling for this act.  We all had a good laugh and you were back with the family.  It was around this time Uncle Paul and Aunt Anne built a cottage on Pine Lake.  Mom and Anne were always close and we spent several wonderful summers at the lake.  Dad and Mom winterized the cottage and we spent a couple of winters vacationing there also.  This is where you, Joe and I fell in love with the area.  As we got into our teen years we grew apart.  You didnít start high school until I was in my last year.  We had different friends and different lives.  Tragedy struck the family in 1978 when Dad died of cancer.  I was so distraught I didnít think about what you thought.  You were so strong willed, you showed little emotion.  We never to this day talked about him together.  That is one regret I have as I know you and I thought of Dad all our lives.  After college and into our twenties, I moved away from home and we didnít communicate much.  I got married and shortly after went through a terrible divorce.  This is when I realized how much you and Joe loved me.  You immediately supported me and welcomed me into your home, well Momís home.  When it became apparent that you and Joe and myself were never going to leave home, Mom and Larry decided to build a home in Caledon to get some peace.  Our first venture together was a trailer in Honey Harbour.  What a time we had!  Doing everything we loved, together, boating, fishing, swimming, windsurfing and a lot of drinking!  I met Diana while I was still living at Momís house.  Diana has a fond memory of you the first time she came to the house after our first couple of dates in the east end of Toronto.  She walked up the drive and you were just coming out the door.  She said ďWray?Ē  (as in our later, balding years we were frequently mistaken for twins) you hesitated for a second, seeing the perfect opportunity to play this one out,  but decided to say ďno Iím his brother SteveĒ.  Steve and Diana immediately hit it off and right up to your last week you were asking her advice as the sister you never had.  You proved your love for me again when I was having job troubles in the mid nineties.  You offered me a job at the store and we worked together for a little more than a year.  I decided to get back into the business I knew and you supported my move into that venture.  It was around this time that the cottage that Paul and Anne built came up for sale again.  After one look we had to buy it!  Itís been 51/2 years of fun and friendship at the cottage we both love.  Joe liked it so much that he was able to talk Barb into getting married there and what a beautiful time we had!  The one surprise I got was when Barb came into our family with Rachel and then had Hayley I saw how much you loved children.  You must have been a good uncle because every time I saw Rachel she called me Uncle Steve!  Many times Steve and I went on long walks and bike rides together in the bush contemplating life and reminiscing about our childhood adventures.  Everyone knew how much Steve and I loved Pine Lake.  I take a small comfort in knowing his final days were spent at the place we loved, together on what was probably the most beautiful September weekend we ever had.  We love you very much.

Goodbye my brother.