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Hello Folks! 

Have you all had a wonderful summer?  Everyone back to school and work now?!

Here is the GillianCards  Annual Reminder

for this season's Christmas Crackers and Christmas Cards.


Questions?  Drop me an email!

As always, please order EARLY EARLY EARLY - especially for Cracker orders - to avoid disappointment.

New:  Share your memories at: the GillianCards Christmas Cracker Traditions BLOGlog!

Would love to hear how you and your family celebrate with Holiday Crackers.  Cheers!  Gillian


Old Fashioned Quilt Design Christmas crackers handwrapped by GillianCards and filled with puzzles, candy, surprises and a decoration.


Snowflakes, turn-of-the-century-puzzles,  MORE candy, sturdier tubes plus all the best from previous seasons!  Don't forget Crackers for Kitty as well!


Tom Turkey



Fill-in Style Invitation.

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Christmas Cards

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Tom Turkey Thanksgiving Invitation

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Christmas Cards

Christmas Crackers

Tom Turkey Thanksgiving Invitation

Holiday Cards!  Lots of new ones for this Christmas, solstice and winter season. 

Now available in packages of 8 for increased value!

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